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Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump


Personalized for you

During a standard evaluation for a prosthesis you can expect us to ask you a multitude of questions regarding your goals and plans for the future with a prosthesis. We will assess your strength and flexibility, and determine what type of prosthetic componentry you need. Next a custom impression of your limb will be taken generally out of a plaster cast material. With this cast we will be able to create a prosthetic socket that attaches securely to your limb. Prosthetic components like feet, knees, and hands are attached to the socket where fit and function is assessed. Once fit is optimal a final definitive prosthesis is created out of resilient carbon fiber materials. Designs and covers can be added to your prosthesis to make it stand out or to make it look like a normal limb.

White Sofa
Man with Amputee Lifting Weight
Walk on the Beach
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Image by Elevate
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