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Our Services



All of our prosthetics are custom-fabricated for our patients. Different types of specialized componentry are chosen for each individual patient.



Custom-fabricated orthoses are available for our patients. Off the shelf and custom-fit orthotics are kept on hand for your convenience.

Kids in Preschool


Custom-fabricated orthotic and prosthetic options are available for kids of all ages.


First Steps Prosthetics and Orthotics is a durable medical equipment provider serving the North Texas region. We are focused on revolutionizing the disbursement of orthotic and prosthetic services.


With over 10 years of prosthetic and orthotic experience, we guarantee that our patients will receive a medically necessary prosthesis or orthosis that helps facilitate healing and fosters rehabilitation. Rest assured that our clinical team will follow classical biomechanical principles, while still using modern materials to help ensure the best possible outcome for you! 

Payers in Network

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Enhance Quality of Life

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Ethan and Sean are great clinicians. They truly know the meaning of patient care by always making sure the needs of their patients are met. Their vibrant and warm personalities will make you feel like welcomed and safe knowing that you'll be in good hands.

Wonderful people. They truly care about their patients. This new facility is so nice and the fact they will even go to their patients homes and make house calls is a blessing for many.

Mashed potatoes and gravy! Ethan is such a sweet guy who strives to provide excellent patient care above anything. I am an old co-worker of Ethan's and it’s amazing to see all that he is accomplishing with First Steps P&O. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and it transmits through his work. His form of practice, warm personality, flexibility and patient comfort created an environment where patient’s feel welcomed and at ease knowing that they are on the path to success. He always reassured patient’s that he was a phone call away if they ever needed any adjustments. Ethan is very optimistic and always tried to share a positive outlook with his patients even when times got rough. We were dumfounded! His bedside manor rocked! He is a great CPO and coworker. He is greatly missed by everyone including his long time patients.

Had the pleasure of working with Sean Kim before he took this Big Step in a new business venture. He is a great individual , dedicated to the work he does and is a compassionate caring person. I’ve seen him in action and he knows what he is doing in the prosthetic and orthotic business. You will not be disappointed. Way to go Sean Texas is blessed to have you

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